Star Citizen Alpha 2 update brings multi-crew ships, FPS combat and space walking.

I might disagree with Star Citizen's business model of selling ships for real money but I can't deny how good they've been with the game's development. Frequent updates and constant communication are probably one of the main reasons Star Citizen is closing in on $100 million in funding, which as far as crowdfunding numbers go is out of this world.

Today's big update, simple titled Alpha 2.0, is bringing with it multi-crew ships, precision maneuvering, FPS combat, EVA (read as spacewalking) and a big ol' space station to explore. Mind you, Star Citizen is nowhere near finished but what they do have on display seems quite good.


So what exactly can one do in this alpha?

When you first join in you will spawn on a rather big space station and from there you can decide to pilot your own ship or perhaps join someone else as their wingman. This is the first time Star Citizen has allowed players to multi-crew a ship and while the whole system is still unfinished it should give you a taste of what exactly it would feel like in the future.

You can use the ship to explore, fight pirates or engage in some old fashioned questing, basically a slightly updated version of what you could do previously.

Where things get interesting is that you can now leave your ship for spacewalks, so you can perhaps go down to a satellite in order to do some repairs while your "friend" cowers you from pirates and shoots you square in the ass. If that isn't your thing, and I can't imagine why, you could also explore abandoned facilities. The cool thing with that is that the whole thing will be done in zero G so it won't just be your usual walk down the corridor.

And to add even more excitement there might be pirates lurking in the shadows. They are here to showcase the use of first person shooting elements within Star Citizen so expect to engage in some "on-the-ground" firefights. A little bit of advice, don't try to tackle an entire space ship with your rifle, it won't end well for you.

There are plenty of other features and things to do but I just wanted to give you a small idea of what you can expect. If you want the full patch list simply head over here.

Once again, bear in mind that Star Citizen is nowhere near finished despite a couple of its modules being functional. It still has years of development ahead of it so unless you're ok with tiny bits of teaser content here and there I'd suggest you wait until its closer to launch.