Star Citizen's player character on a sand planet

While I'm still not sure if this is the beginning of a new trend, or just the culmination of many months of work, but the updates for Star Citizen seem to be rolling in fast and faster. A couple of weeks ago the developers previewed the very first, and quite barebones version of the 'Star Marine' FPS combat module, and already we're getting a brand new video showcasing what exactly you can mess around with in Star Citizen's persistent universe.

So if you're interested in watching a couple of developers explode and shoot their way across the stars, you'll find the preview video right below. Have a look:

The upcoming Alpha 2.6 build, the one that contains all of the features you've just been watching, still has no official release date, but given the frequency of these updates I think its safe to assume its coming in the near future. And once it does it will feature ~48 ships to pilot and subsequently crash, ~17 missions to undergo, as well as two PvP game modes to test out the new FPS combat: Elimination and Last Stand.

If you would like to learn more about the upcoming Alpha 2.6 update, or Star Citizen in general, your best bet is to go for the official website. And if you're wondering whether Star Citizen is worth buying just yet, I would recommend saving your money and waiting for one of the numerous free weekends to pop up again. Star Citizen might look polished in these types of videos, but its still in an incredibly early alpha state, and so its not going to be something you play for long periods of time. As such, its probably for the best that you first give it a try before reaching for your wallet, just to be on the safe side.