Star Citizen's desert nomad armor screenshot

While I'm still not sure whether Star Citizen is the brain child of a genius or a madman, there is no denying that its scope is absolutely massive. The final version is supposedly going to feature interplanetary exploration, a massive and fully realized universe, trading, various crafting professions, traditional space-sim combat, and even a dash of FPS combat to spice all of that up. And that's just all of the things the developers are talking about right now, who knows what they're going to cook up in the future!

But rather than focus on what might happen when Star Citizen finally releases, let's instead focus on what's coming with the upcoming Alpha version 2.6 - FPS combat! And in order to give you a taste of what is to come the developers released a brief gameplay preview showcasing all of that 'Star Marine' action. Have a look:

If you were hoping to see something so amazing it would instantly rival the likes of Overwatch, I'm afraid this is only the very first iteration of the Star Marine module, hence why its about as generic as an FPS could possibly be. So while the current version looks to be pretty damn lifeless the important thing is that it will soon be here, and as such the developers will be able to begin gathering feedback and slowly adding improvements to it.

Personally, I would like to see a much smoother movement system, and more importantly, a greater variety of futuristic weaponry. In an era where 'space trucking' is a boring ol' job I really don't want to see weapons Call of Duty gave up on years ago due to how dull and uninspired they are. And let's not even talk about how each and every player is able to take the equivalent of a jackhammer to the face and still continue on their merry way.

Long story short, the upcoming Star Marine module is probably only going to keep you entertained for an hour or two, but it does represent an important step forward for Star Citizen. After a year or two in development, or possibly even more given how many systems the developers want to put in, the Star Marine module might just turn into something truly special. But until then I would recommend not getting too excited about it because you're highly likely to end up disappointed and jaded by the time it actually becomes good enough to play.

Also, Accessing control point!