Spelunky 2 official artwork and logo

[Update]: Twelve years after the original, the PC version of Spelunky 2 has now been unleashed!

While it didn't invent the genre, Spelunky is one of the key games behind the growing popularity of roguelikes. There is just something special about its combination of punishing-but-fair difficulty, cutesy art style, randomized levels, and absolutely insane secrets that require both knowledge and skill in order to unveil.

With that in mind, I am very glad to say that Spelunky 2 has now been announced at the Paris Games Week 2017 convention! Unfortunately, there are currently no details available as it was only briefly mentioned before the main show, but I'm sure we'll get more information in the very near future.

Until then, it is worth mentioning that Spelunky 2 has only been confirmed for the PS4 so far, though this shouldn't come as a worrying sign given that it was announced during the PlayStation conference. The original Spelunky is available on just about every modern console and PC, so odds are the same will apply to Spelunky 2. If anything, I expect it to arrive on even more platforms this time around, especially with Nintendo's Switch gaining a bit of popularity.

Once more information gets released I'll make sure to cover it, but for now all we can do is sit and wait. On the positive side, there are a lot of announcements incoming, so at least we won't be sitting idle!

[Update]: Here's the announcement trailer. Enjoy!