Sonic Frontiers official artwork and logo for the open-world action adventure

[Update]: Sonic Frontiers has now arrived onto PC and consoles alongside some highly divisive reviews.

Instead of starting off their presentation with a bang and getting everyone hyped about Sonic Frontiers, the Sonic Team decided to first showcase incredibly slow combat encounters and a map that mostly consisted of empty space. Needless to say, this caused the general opinion about Sonic Frontiers to crater as the game looked unfinished at best, and utterly boring at worst.

In most cases that would be where the story begins and ends, but thankfully it looks like Sonic Frontiers' biggest issue was its marketing and not the actual gameplay. So as a part of the newest preview, Sonic Team has now returned to detail everything Sonic Frontiers has to offer as well as what it's open world level design is really like. Have a gander:

Since the preview only mentions them for a brief second, it's well worth reiterating that Sonic Frontiers will bring with it intricate linear levels that are heavily reminiscent of the classic 3D Sonic games. These will only make up about a third of Sonic Frontiers, but that should be more than enough to offer a bit of diversity and give everyone some time to unwind after bouts of lengthy open world exploration.

How exactly these areas will actually play out, however, that we'll be able to find out soon enough as Sonic Frontiers will be launching this November 8th for PC and consoles. Once it arrives, I'll make sure to let you know.

Enjoy, and I'll leave you with the recent story trailer featuring small bits from some of the linear levels: