Sonic Frontiers official artwork and logo showing off Sonic grinding a rail

To say that Sonic Frontiers' original announcement went over badly would be one hell of an understatement. The initial gameplay preview featured a barren, boring world with stilted gameplay and overly tanky enemies, so right from the very start Sonic Frontiers put itself into a very unfavorable position. However, thanks to some of the follow-up trailers and hands-on previews that actually focused on the more interesting (and polished) aspects of gameplay, Sonic Frontiers slowly but surely managed to overcome that initial wave of disappointment and establish itself as a serious attempt to revitalize the 3D Sonic formula.

Whether it has succeeded in doing so, that I'm not exactly sure of as the reviews are currently incredibly polarized. Some are absolutely in love with the game and everything it represents for the series, while others cannot seem to stomach its technical problems and gameplay quirks. Whatever the case may be, Sonic Frontiers has definitely made an impression on players as there are very few mild opinions floating around!

What exactly Sonic Frontiers has to offer, as well as what its open world even looks like, that you can check out through the launch trailer below. Have a gander:

Personally, my recommendation for these types of highly divisive games is to wait a couple of weeks for the honeymoon phase to end before making any sort of decision. This way you'll be able to get far more reliable and realistic opinions from your fellow players, and more importantly, you also won't have to deal with some of the more annoying bugs as they will most likely get patched out by then.

Whatever path you decide to take, you can learn more about Sonic Frontiers and its updates over at Steam. Enjoy!