Slay the Spire screenshot of the Defect character

Slay the Spire has recently been on a roll as far as quality updates are concerned. In early June Mega Crit Games added the Defect as a highly entertaining new character, the Endless mode is still being actively worked on in beta, and now they have also introduced the long-awaited third game mode - Custom Mode.

As you might imagine from the name alone, the Custom Mode allows you to tweak a variety of modifiers in order to create and share your own unique challenges. So if you're like me and you have a couple of Daily Climbs you absolutely loved going through, you now have the ability to not only recreate them, but also improve them!

Right now the whole system is fairly simple, but the developers are planning to expand this mode to allow new challenges (such as the above mentioned Endless mode), and eventually even user-created mods. Most of that is still far in the future, however, so for consider the Custom Mode like a bit of a wackier alternative to the Daily Climb.

You can learn a little bit more about this mode, as well as read the full patch notes, by heading over to Steam.