Overwatch screenshot of Brigitte holding her shield

If you haven't done your placement matches, or if you need a little bit of rating to reach the next skill tier, you might want to get it done as soon as possible given that Season 9 of Overwatch competitive play is coming to an end. According to the latest announcement, Season 9 will conclude on April 27 at 5pm PT, while Season 10 will arrive a few days later on Monday, April 30 at 5pm PT.

As always, the end-of-season competitive point rewards will be distributed based on your highest season rank. So if you've managed to reach diamond only to fall to platinum during the last few days, worry not as you'll still get your 750 points. You can find the full list of rewards over at the official forums.

Besides offering a fresh start, Season 10 will also mark Brigitte's first appearance in competitive play. It's hard to offer any sort of predictions since I haven't seen her played with or against competent people, but I think its safe to say that Brigitte will be a major boon for slower, more bulky lineups. Whether this means we're going to be leaving the dive meta, I'm afraid I don't know, but it's certainly going to be interesting to see what Brigitte does to the overall balance.

Speaking of which, you might also be interested to hear that there is currently an active PTR with a whole bunch of rather intriguing changes. Hanzo has been reworked in order to be more consistent, Horizon Lunar Colony has seen some major changes, while DPS heroes like Genji, Tracer and Junkrat have received minor nerfs. You can find all of the information over here, or just give the changes a try for yourself by swapping to the PTR server location on the PC version.

Have fun, and good luck with your last few days of competitive!