Overwatch artwork for the hero Orisa

Unlike some of the previous seasons that featured breaks as long as a full week, the transition from Season 16 to Season 17 of Overwatch Competitive Play has been nearly instantaneous. So if you're up for a bit of a fresh start, you might want to jump in now that the new season has slightly reshuffled everyone's rank.

As far as major changes are concerned, I'm afraid Season 17 has not brought with it any sort of update. A bit unfortunate, though not exactly surprising given that Blizzard has just recently added replays, a new Baptiste challenge, the Workshop modding tools, as well as a whole bunch of new balance changes.

For those of you eager to climb through the ranks, my recommendation would be to learn how to play Orisa. Right now she is incredibly strong and the meta favors her, so if you can outplay your opposition, chances are good you'll be able to greatly impact the course of a match. This goes doubly so if you can find a skilled Roadhog as a partner given that a coordinated Orisa & Roadhog combo is currently one of the best ways to dismantle the usually disorganized enemies.

Once Blizzard announces any more updates I'll make sure to let you know, but until then I wish you the best of luck in Season 17!