Overwatch screenshot of the new Combat Medic Baptiste skin

[Update]: Overwatch has now finally added the ability to share replays, and it's about as simple as it gets!

After spending a fair bit of time on test servers, Overwatch has now finally introduced the very first version of the replay system! Right now you're limited to only watching your own or Overwatch League replays, but even so it is an incredibly useful yet still fairly simple tool. So if you're interested in getting better, do make sure to give the newly introduced replays a try as they'll tell you exactly where you messed up!

Besides replays, this update has also added the recently announced Baptiste challenge. All you need to do is win nine matches in any game mode and you'll get a couple of sprays, as well as the new Combat Medic Skin that was teased during Batpsite's short story. And if you want even more doodles to plaster all over the in-game maps, you might also want to check out some of the partnered streams. You can find out more over at the official website.

The final thing worth mentioning are the balance changes and Assault (2CP) map tweaks. You can read the full list over at the patch notes, but long story short, McCree has received a gigantic boost to his rate of fire. While he is still as vulnerable as ever to getting jumped in close quarters, a skilled McCree can now output so much damage that I'm starting to think Soldier 76 is going to need a bit of a rework in order to compete!

As for the Assault map changes, they are fairly simple but still quite useful. First and foremost, capturing Point A will now give you 3 additional minutes rather than 4. As you might imagine, this is to make Assault maps slightly faster and to make the defenses' jobs slightly less daunting. Similarly, defenders who die upon losing Point A (or shortly after) will now have an insanely fast respawn rate in order to prevent the ridiculous snowballs that could occur on Assault maps.

There's a whole bunch of other changes in there as well, including a bug fix for Brigitte's armor stacking problem that was discovered a few days ago, so I'd fully recommend you browse through the patch notes before jumping into Competitive Play. Have fun!