Overwatch screenshot of the hamster Hammond and his mech Wrecking Ball

To say that Season 10 of Overwatch Competitive Play has been a disappointment would be an extreme understatement. A whole bunch of heroes suddenly found themselves non-viable due to the rise of double sniper lineups, dive pretty much evaporated outside of the Overwatch League, and worst of all, the same 6-7 heroes kept appearing in every match.

While none of this has changed just yet, I am very glad to say that the newly launched Season 11 will soon bring with it some massive changes. First of all, once the Symmetra rework goes live in Competitive Play I think we're going to see a drastic shift in the meta due to the mobility she provides. Close quarters heroes like Reaper might just find themselves on the top of the food chain, while the combination of Symmetra and Orisa could enable some aggressive Bastion lineups. How exactly all of this will play out in actual gameplay, I'm afraid I have no idea, but it's certainly going to be interesting!

A few weeks after that we'll be getting a brand new and seemingly dive-focused tank in the shape of Wrecking Ball. He's still on the PTR and his skill ceiling is incredibly high, so I can't really say what sort of impact he'll have in Competitive Play, but much like Symmetra he's definitely going to shake up the currently entrenched lineups. If I were to hazard a guess, however, I would say that Wrecking Ball has a good chance of not only bringing back dive, but also enabling triple-tank dive!

It's also worth mentioning we'll be getting some balance changes in the near future as well. Hanzo will be getting a much-needed nerf to his Storm Arrows, while Soldier 76, McCree, Bastion and Mei will be getting their effective range increased. Sombra will also be undergoing a bit of a rework, though given the currently widespread community criticism I have a feeling Blizzard will be messing around with her for a little longer.

So while the current season might not look any different than Season 10 in terms of gameplay, I'd definitely recommend sticking with it for a couple of weeks as exciting things are just around the corner!