Arcen Games' Roguelite/SHMUP is now out on Steam with full mod support and lots of content

Starward Rogue is a roguelite/SHMUP (shoot 'em up) hybrid with hundreds of items & enemies, randomized level layouts and many bosses to fight. Most importantly, it has full mod support allowing you to either customize the game or simply take it upon yourself to add more content to it.

I'm a big fan of the roguelike genre so I tend to keep an eye on upcoming games but even to me Starward Rogue's release was a complete surprise. Since it really does look interesting I figured I would share a bit of information on it with you, starting with the trailer:


Starward Rogue is coming to us from Arcen Games, a tiny development team most famous for AI Wars, The Last Federation and A Valley Without Wind. Their MO so far has always been to cram in as many genres and gameplay styles as one game could take which resulted either in some memorable classics such as AI Wars or a bit of a flop as far as A Valley Without Wind is concerned.

However, judging from the Steam reviews and various forums it seems that Starward Rogue falls firmly on the memorable side as it has garnered a decent amount of praise for its action packed gameplay and choice of difficulty which ranges from super-easy to impossibly hard.

Perhaps the coolest thing by far is how open the developers are towards the modding scene, to the point where they already added many community designed enemies to the base game and plan to add even more in the future:

"I also really want to thank all the community testers we've had over the last two and a half months. You guys were invaluable, both in terms of finding bugs and helping us shave off all the rough edges you could find. Not only that, but a number of you actually made content for the game using the modding support, which other players can now see embedded in the full game itself (no need to download anything extra).

If you're just coming to the game now (which makes sense, given it just launched), then you're still free to send us things that you make! If you make enemies or whatnot, we'll wire up art for it, vet it, and add it into the game if it makes sense within the larger scope of the game. Same deal for item design, room design, and so on."

Starward Rogue is currently €10,79 on Steam and I'd suggest you give it a look if you're in to roguelites or SHMUPs as it seems quite charming and with a large potential for bonus content from the modding scene it should in theory last you a long while.