Rocket League screenshot of a goal in progress

[Update]: Rocket League has gone free-to-play alongside a major new update.

If the price tag ever stopped you and your friends from giving Rocket League a try, you'll be happy to hear that it'll be going free-to-play next week, on September 23rd. However, there is a bit of a catch - the PC version will only be available through the Epic Games Store.

As for the current players, everyone who has bought Rocket League online before the launch of the free-to-play version will be awarded with Legacy status and granted a couple of rewards. This means you'll get all of the Rocket League branded DLC released so far, a couple of new cosmetics, as well as a fancy title to help you brag to newcomers. A pretty sizable gift, all things considered!

Besides the massive influx of new players, September 23rd will also bring with it a bunch of changes and improvements. Expect to see things like Heatseeker in private matches, a new bot difficulty, an updated menu system, changes to achievements and brand new game-wide challenges, as well as the start of the very first official ranked season.

If you're interested in all of the details, you can find what you seek over at the Rocket League website. As for me, I'll leave you with the recently posted free-to-play trailer. Enjoy!