Rocket League cartoony goal artwork

If you ever wanted to take Rocket League for a spin, today would be the ideal time to do so. Not only has Rocket League just now gone free-to-play, but it also received a major new update to help spice things up even further!

In terms of fresh content, you can expect to see a new bot difficulty, an updated menu system, changes to the various achievements, as well as the inclusion of a bunch of new game-wide challenges. There's also numerous quality of life changes and bug fixes, the addition of things like Heatseeker to private matches, and perhaps most importantly, the start of the very first ranked season!

Veteran players will also find a nice stash of goodies awaiting them once they log in. Everyone who purchased Rocket League before the launch of the free-to-play version will be granted Legacy status and all of the Rocket League branded DLC released so far, a couple of new cosmetics, as well as an exclusive title to help set them apart.

It is also worth mentioning that the PC version of Rocket League is now exclusive to the Epic Games Store. If you already own Rocket League on Steam you can continue playing as if nothing happened, but all new accounts from now onward will need to go through the Epic Games Store. This might be a bit of a shock to some, but considering that Epic bought Psyonix all the way back in 2019, it was bound to happen eventually.

You can learn more about Rocket League, as well as give it a try for yourself, over at the official website. Have fun, and I'll leave you with the Season 1 trailer: