Apex Legends artwork for the Pathfinder hero

While Apex Legends is still an enjoyable game, the pace and quality of its updates has not exactly been ideal. For example, after a fairly lengthy delay the newest patch has brought with it a lovely 10% damage reduction passive for Gibraltar and Caustic... as well as a bug that sometimes renders that passive completely useless and makes it so the 10% damage is taken directly from the character's health, completely bypassing any shields.

In order to address these sort of bugs, as well as announce their plans for the future, Respawn has now released a rather lengthy update on Reddit. Respawn unfortunately doesn't go into too many details here as a lot of the stuff is still under heavy development, but long story short, you can expect to see a bunch of bug fixes throughout Season 1, while Season 2 will bring with it a more significant content update.

To be more specific, the team is currently working on sorting out the laggy servers, fixing the audio issues that commonly occur on consoles, adding new systems in order to combat cheaters, as well as fixing the extremely annoying hit detection issues. Some of these fixes will be coming as a part of an upcoming update, while the rest will most likely arrive alongside Season 2 given that the team is still having trouble getting all of them to behave.

Apex Legends artwork showing the new character Octane

Octane and the Havoc rifle are the only new additions since Apex Legends' launch

As far as content updates are concerned, I'm afraid we'll have to wait until Season 2 finally arrives in order to get anything of any real significance. The team is currently focused entirely on fixing bugs and performance problems so I can understand the delay, though I would be lying if I said I was happy to see Apex Legends remain so static after exploding onto the Battle Royale scene in a truly impressive fashion.

That said, things are looking to change for the better in the near future, though I'm afraid those changes will come at a bit of a sacrifice. Much like Epic Games and Paragon or Unreal Tournament, Respawn will be pushing out their plans for Titanfall 3 in order to shift resources and developers towards improving Apex legends. This doesn't mean the Titanfall series is now well and truly done, but I certainly wouldn't get my hopes up for a new Titanfall game in the next few years.

You can read a few more tidbits about these changes, as well as Respawn's general plans for the future, over at the official update.