Apex Legends official artwork showing Gibraltar

In games like Overwatch the bigger characters have a proportionally larger health pool, as well as numerous defensive abilities to ensure they don't get absolutely annihilated the moment they step out of cover. When it comes to the bigger characters in Apex Legends, this is not the case. For example, Gibraltar might have a small shield to protect himself, but given that he has the same health as Wraith yet is over twice as wide, he is always going to be at a significant disadvantage in firefights.

While there is still work that needs to be done in order to ensure the Legends are balanced, I am very glad to say that the recent Apex Legends update has finally buffed the 'Thicc Bois' by beefing up their abilities, as well as giving them a 10% damage reduction passive. I doubt this will be enough to make Gibraltar and Caustic as powerful as the always-amazing Wraith, Lifeline or Pathfinder, but it's certainly a step in the right direction and one that I am more than pleased to see.

The balance update has also increased the power of snipers, finally nerfed the Wingman and Spitfire, as well as increased the speed of the drop ship by 50%. That last part might seem inconsequential, but from my experience so far, the faster ship has resulted in much more diverse and interesting games. As it turns out, if the entire server doesn't die within the first two minutes in Skull Town, there is always going to be enough people roaming the map to ensure just about every area gets a taste of the action.

As for the snipers, I do believe they have now finally found themselves a niche to occupy. They're strong enough that you have to respect them at range, but not so powerful that you simply die before you even know what hit you. So if you're like me and you avoided the Longbow and Scout like the plague, I would highly recommend giving them another chance as they are now ridiculously fun to mess around with!

You can learn more about this update, as well as read the full patch notes, over at the official Reddit post.