Resident Evil 0 HD remaster is coming in January with graphical and audio improvements

After the disappointment that the last few Resident Evil games were I've started to look forward more towards HD remasters of older games than new titles in the series.

Last time I've played Resident Evil 0 was probably over 10 years ago but I do remember it being quite excellent. Which is a good thing indeed because its HD remaster has been confirmed to arrive on January 19th sporting better graphics and sound, as well as a few other nifty features.

So what exactly is being changed with this HD remaster?

Obviously the graphics and sound are being updated. Thankfully, unlike Final Fantasy VI, the updated visuals in RE 0 are completely in style with the old version of the game, just much better looking, as they should be. According to the feature list on Steam the graphics weren't just polished up for this HD release, some of them were reworked from the ground up in order to look good on modern resolutions. If I didn't read that little blurb I never would have even noticed that some weren't a part of the original game so hat's off to whoever did the visuals in this one.

You will also have a choice between two control schemes, the old "tank-like" movement or the new one that is more action orientated. Despite the old control scheme being hard to get used to I'd still suggest playing only with it because let's face it, half of the horror factor in old Resident Evil games stems from the fact that your characters is extremely sluggish at maneuvering.

Perhaps the coolest thing is that after you complete the main storyline you'll be able to replay it as Wesker, the series antagonist, and completely plow through the levels. A silly little addition but I can imagine it being really fun for a couple of hours.

And finally, if you preorder, you will be able to get a couple of silly but very revealing outfits, both for the main male and female characters so I guess they're at least being all-inclusive in their fourth wall breaking costumes. I just don't see the point of these, are you really going to entice people in to buying a horror game by giving them a cheerleader outfit?

Silly costumes aside, I'm still looking forward to Resident Evil 0, it sure has been a while since I've last had a chance to play it.