The PC port of Final Fantasy 6 has some questionable art directions

One of the best Final Fantasy games as well as one of the best RPGs out there is finally coming to PC in an official capacity, hooray!!! Its a port of the mobile version whose graphics somehow look worse than the SNES ones... well, crap.

Despite how amazing FF6 is I still can't bring myself to be excited about the fact that this version of it is releasing on Steam on December 16th. I was so hopeful when I first talked about the potential FF6 PC version and now its been confirmed that we're getting the worst one out of the lot, what a sad piece of news. 

If you think I'm exaggerating about how stylistically bland this port is, allow me to give you an example of what I'm talking about:

The PC version of Final Fantasy 6 has horrendous graphics

They couldn't seemingly decide on one art direction

Do you see an issue with this image above and the main article image? The background is done in one style, the character models in a different one and the character portraits in a completely different style altogether. If you haven't played FF6 before, you might just think that's how the game looks but for those of us that grew up alongside the game, this clash of styles is just off putting, not to mention plain old ugly.

The quality is also all over the place. Some backgrounds, such as this one, look far superior to the SNES version and are a great improvement whereas some parts look even lower fidelity than the old game. The characters models look abysmal, they're filled with washed out colors that constantly have me think their faces are melting off and its difficult to pick out any details (try and focus on Locke's belt) in what was supposed to be an HD update. Character portraits on the other hand look phenomenal almost across the board so I really have no idea what was going on during production of this remake.

They had a chance to bring one of the best SNES RPGs in to the future and they completely botched the job and ended up with this... mess. As someone that played a lot of FF6 back in the day I honestly can't recommend you this version. If you can, go play the SNES one instead.

Is it possible I'm being overly critical and that its not so bad? Yes, I am aware that my love for the old version of the game might be making me less receptive of changes but, at the end of the day, the decision whether the new FF6 is worth your time and money lies solely with you. I can only give you my honest opinion.