Red Dead Redemption 2 screenshot showcasing a dog, vultures, and a hunter

After being teased for a couple of days now, Rockstar has finally and officially confirmed Red Dead Redemption 2. And as is tradition with games these days, the announcement was shortly followed by the very first trailer.

If you're hoping to find out more about the gameplay, I'm afraid you're in for a disappointment, but if you're just interested in enjoying the atmosphere and seeing what Red Dead Redemption 2 looks like, then you're on the right track. Here's the video:

As you would expect, it looks pretty damn good. I especially love how harrowing some of the scenes were, especially the one with the vultures! If this is the sort of thing Rockstar is willing to show off in a brief teaser trailer, I really do wonder what exactly they're saving for later. Either way, its definitely going to be interesting to follow Red Dead Redemption 2 as it slowly heads over to its fall 2017 release date.

Oh, and if you're worried about there not being any mention of a PC version, I would suggest simply relaxing for now. None of the original GTA V announcements mentioned the PC either, and yet here we are. If it was an exclusive it would've been chained to a single console, but given that its coming to both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 I think its safe to assume it'll make its way to PC as well. The only question is when, but that's a question that should be asked once we're closer to release.

Red Dead Redemption 2 screenshot showcasing the town