RAGE 2 screenshot of a mech you'll get to pilot

[Update]: Rage 2's very first expansion Rise of the Ghosts is coming on September 26th.

After a whole host of teasers and previews, RAGE 2 made its way to PC and consoles last week. While the initial response wasn't exactly amazing, there is a chance for things to turn around as the developers have now announced their plans for the upcoming free and paid content updates.

The first of these additions has already arrived in the form of weekly community challenges. Simply take part in the weekly event by contributing towards the shared objective, and once the whole thing has been completed you'll get a fancy new skin for your troubles. Personally, I'd prefer it if you had to do each of the challenges yourself as that makes things a bit more tricky, but I certainly won't complain about having more cosmetics to mess around with.

In June you can expect to see a bunch of new community challenges, new cheats, as well as a couple of major events. While the details are still few and far between, one of these events will give you the ability to pilot a giant mech, while the other will give you a chance to square off against a ridiculously massive sand worm... in the middle of a desert!

RAGE 2 screenshot of a giant sand worm enemy

I'm sure a pistol will be enough for this fight!

July will mostly bring with it more of the same. Expect to see another vehicle type and enemy to toy around with, as well as a variety of new challenges, skins and cheats. The reason the July update is so sparse is because Rage's first actual expansion "Rise of the Ghosts" will be coming right after it in August. Rise of the Ghosts will bring with it a brand new storyline, a new region to explore, as well as new weapons, abilities and vehicles.

As for the future, there is also going to be a second expansion at some point in November, as well as a variety of smaller updates along the way. Naturally, given how far these updates still are, Bethesda hasn't released anything in terms of concrete details just yet.

That said, you can learn a little bit more about some of the closer updates, as well as keep an eye on RAGE 2's future plans, over at the official website.