Doom Slayer is now a Quake Champions character as well

Quake Champions is id Software's return to the arena shooters of old. What this means in gameplay terms is that Quake Champions will be focused firmly on fast-paced combat, a wide variety of overpowered weapons that can quickly kill an enemy provided you can actually aim with them, as well as advanced movement techniques such as rocketjumping. The one big difference is that Quake Champions' primary game mode will feature a variety of different characters, each one with their own unique benefits and abilities. If you aren't exactly a fan of these changes, worry not as there will also be a purist game mode specifically designed for competition.

If all of this sounds like something you would love to mess around with, you might be interested to hear that Quake Champions will be entering the Early Access phase next week, on August 22nd. Unlike the previous betas you will need to purchase the Champions Pack to get in, but on the positive side it will be $30, 25% off from the price of the release version. Its also worth mentioning that this will unlock all current and future Champions for you, so you should be pretty much set as far as the gameplay is concerned.

The Early Access version is obviously going to be unfinished, but it will bring with it a rather sizable amount of content: 11 Champions including the newly added Doom Slayer, 4 different game modes, a variety of maps, as well as a bunch of cosmetics to play around with. As for the future, you can expect a whole bunch of updates, including at least six additional Champions by the end of 2018. To learn more, or just grab yourself a copy, you should head over to the official website.

Quake Champions screenshot of the Church of Azatoth map