Quake Champions screenshot of the flag carrier from the new game mode

[Update]: Quake Champions' Season 7 update has brought in a new map and a variety of cosmetic rewards

If you were thinking about giving Quake Champions a try, now would be a pretty good time to do so. Besides the usual batch of balance changes and optimizations tweaks, the most recent update has also added a new Capture the Flag game mode alongside its own map, as well as greatly reworked the progression system.

Rather than randomly unlock cosmetics through chests, you will now be able to directly purchase the items you want by using in-game currency. There is also a new Battle Pass system that offers a variety of daily and weekly challenges to help you earn currency, as well as a paid version that contains a couple of unique cosmetics. I haven't played Quake Champions in a while so I can't comment on how faster or slower these new changes have made item acquisition, but I can certainly appreciate the removal of loot boxes in favor of simply being able to work towards the items you want!

On a more interesting note, the update has also added the much-requested Capture the Flag mode. I won't waste your time explaining how the game mode works, but what you should know is that while carrying the flag you will not be able to use your champion's abilities, for obvious reasons. So if you're planning to grab the enemy flag and make it out alive, do make sure to bring some friends along for the ride! And since you can't properly play Capture the Flag on the standard maps, I'm glad to say that the update has now brought in Citadel - a brand new map inspired by the classic Stonekeep and Elder God Goroth maps.

You can learn more about all of these new additions, as well as Quake Champions itself, by heading over to the official website. Have fun, and do try not to fall into the lava while carrying the flag... or in general!

Quake Champions screenshot of the new Citadel map