Quake Champions close range duel screenshot

While the updates for Quake Champions have slowed down considerably, you might be glad to hear that there are still developers working it. In fact, they have just released a brand new update to mess around with!

As far as major additions are concerned, the Ithagnal-themed Tower of Koth map for DM, TDM, CA, Duel, Intagib, Unhly Trinity and arcade game modes is the definite highlight. That said, the update has also marked the arrival of Season 7, and along with it, a brand new Battle Pass containing skins for the Blaster Pistol, Shotgun and Hyperblaster, as well as six new shaders.

There's also the usual assortment of bug fixes, tweaks and game mode changes, many of which have been made in order to speed up the gameplay and cut down on any sort of unnecessary waiting. You can check out the full patch notes, as well as take a little peek at the new skins, over at the official website.

As for Quake Champions itself, you can give it a try for free by bunny-hopping over to Steam. Have fun!