Psychonauts 2 has recently been funded on Double Fine's own Fig crowdfunding website

[Update]: Six years after its big reveal, Psychonauts 2 has now finally been unleashed onto PC and consoles!

After the initial announcement of the Fig crowdfunding campaign for Psychonauts 2 Double Fine managed to raised a whopping $1,500,000 in a single day.

However, since the initial rush things have slowed down significantly and it was only recently that Psychonauts 2 was fully funded. It currently sits at $3,300,000 and with only 5 days left now would be the time to pledge if you're really interested in any of the reward tiers.

If you're thinking that is far too little money in order to fund a fully 3D game then you would be correct. As it stands right now the Fig crowdfunder is here to "top off" their development budget and and allow them more freedom with what to put while the rest of the money will come either from Double Fine themselves, their Fig investors or their mysterious benefactor whose name they are closely guarding.

On first glance it seems obvious that their external partner is Notch given that he previously went public with his idea to finance a new Psychonauts game but according to his twitter he doesn't have any dealings with Double Fine, though he did purchase one of the highest tier pledges.

That aside and this might sound a bit strange but I'm actually happy this crowdfunder of theirs wasn't a "massive" success because with a tighter budget I can only hope that Double Fine's ever-increasing pile of features they want to add becomes more reasonably sized and Psychonauts 2 released complete and in a timely manner rather than have it drag out like Broken Age.

Currently Psychonauts 2 is in pre-production with the expected release date being in the Fall of 2018 though keep in mind that these estimates can change at any point during development.

If any more information surfaces I'll make sure to update you.