Prison Architect's gameplay screenshot

Despite releasing from Early Access last year Prison Architect has consistently been updated with new content, mechanics and balance changes. Among the various features that appeared throughout the patches the most interesting ones are the realistic weather effects, a hidden 3D mode, thermodynamics, and a constantly improving set of modding tools.

That already extensive list is soon going to get even bigger as Prison Architect's upcoming Update 2.0 brings with it a greatly redesigned and easier to use interface, a variety of new events to contend with, and best of all, another round of changed aimed at making the modding tools even better than they currently are. If you're interested in a detailed, hands-on look at all of these new changes, the developers have recently posted their customary preview video, though do be warned, its nearly 50 minutes long! Have a look:


If you can't spare 50 minutes and want to simply get a general idea of what in the world this upcoming patch will bring with it, you can find the full (and surprisingly brief) patch notes over here. As for the new events, the ones listed out so far are: Tree fire, Food poisoning, Agitating radio, CI list leak, Mass tunneling and Preacher.

Update 2.0 is currently in beta testing, but if you would like to help out and get a sneak peek along the way, you can join it by heading over to Steam Architect in your Steam library, selecting properties -> betas, and then choosing 'v2preview' from the dropdown menu. Its as simple as that. Have fun!

Prison Architect's new and improved modding tools