Prison Architect hidden 3 Mode

Many games out there have hidden levels, or small little Easter eggs put in to reward the most dedicated of players, but how many can claim they have an entire dimension secluded away?

As it turns out, Prison Architect belongs in this very exclusive and completely made up club because a Youtuber by the name of TheLogical Lowdown has managed to find a hidden 3D mode in the popular prison management sim. Have a look:


Its quite clearly not ready for public release just yet given that many elements are still 2D, but the sheer fact that the Prison Architect developers are working on a 3D mode is more than exciting since it gives us a whole new dimension to appreciate our monstrous creations in.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of this whole reveal is that the 3D mode has been available in game for around 5 months now, according to one of the developer's on twitter:

"Someone finally found 3d mode! Only took like 5 months."

This might sound far fatched, after all, how could thousands of people miss something so big and important? The answer is that the button to turn on 3D view is nigh invisible and hidden against the bottom left corner of the Extras menu, completely out of sight and mind. The only way you would even realize its a button, and not a smudge on your screen, is if you mouse over it in which case it will turn a slight shade of gray indicating its a button to be pressed, and what a button it is.

If you would like to give it a try yourself make sure to download the performance beta (right click Prison Architect on Steam and go from there) as it seems that the vanilla game doesn't have this nifty feature. Here's an image showcasing the button, just in case you somehow miss it:

Hidden Prison Architect 3d button

Press it, you know you want to!