God of War screenshot of a massive serpent

[Update #2]: The remastered Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection is heading over to PC on October 19th.

[Update]: It looks like the next big PlayStation game to make its way over to PC will be the bullet hell roguelike Returnal.

If you're itching for a chunky action-adventure to sink your teeth into, you might be interested to hear that one of PlayStation 4's biggest hits, God of War, is landing onto PC later today! The PC version will come with 4k support, unlocked framerates, higher resolution shaders, improved reflections, as well as a whole host of graphical settings to mess around with.

What all of this looks like in gameplay, however, that you can check out through the freshly posted ultrawide trailer. Have a peek, it's quite a pretty one:

I haven't given it a try myself so take the following with a few grains of salt, but so far the initial reviews are all incredibly positive about the technical aspects of the PC port. So if you were worried God of War would require months of updates like Horizon Zero Dawn did to properly function, I'm pleased to say that does not appear to be the case!

Speaking of technical stuff, it's also worth mentioning that Santa Monica Studio has released some rather detailed PC system requirements, including the sort of performance they're targeting with each preset. It's one of the better overviews I've seen in quite a few years, so it should give you a pretty solid idea of how far your rig will take you. 

To learn more about God of War, as well as to check out some of the user reviews once the game goes live, I'd recommend heading over to Steam. Enjoy!