Planetside 2 screenshot of the new Colossus tank

[Update #2]: Planetside 2's The Shattered Warpgate update has brought in a giant chunk of new content.

[Update]: The Colossus tank has now arrived, and it's deadly against both air and ground opponents!

It seems that the Planetside 2 developers have fully embraced the 'bigger is better' motto. Just recently they have unleashed the absolutely massive Bastion Fleet Carriers that serve as floating battle stations, and now they have also unveiled the smaller yet still rather sizable Colossus tank.

Unlike the various other Main Battle Tank options, the Colossus will require five players to operate at full capacity. The main player will be doing all of the driving and using the main cannon, while the four other players will provide much-needed support from the various turrets. Here's a little sneak peek at what it looks like in-game:

Another advantage of the Colossus is the angle of its primary cannon. It's designed in such a way that it can easily aim upwards, making it ideal at targeting the bulky Fleet Carriers and their exposed weak spots. Naturally, staring at the sky does make the Colossus somewhat vulnerable to ambushes (especially from those dastardly C4 fairies), so do make sure to have some teammates on the various turrets to keep an eye out for danger.

The Colossus tank, along with a couple of new additions and improvements, will be arriving with the next major update. The exact date hasn't been revealed just yet, but you can expect to see it in early June if everything goes according to plan.

You can read a little bit more about the Colossus, as well as the update itself, over at the official website.