Planetside 2's The Shattered Warpgate update artwork and logo

[Update]: Planetside 2's January 2022 update has brought in the new continent of Oshur and underwater-based gameplay!

After being mostly stagnant for quite a few years, Planetside 2 has undergone a rather impressive transformation these past few months. Not only are the updates far more frequent than before, but they are also far larger in scope and consequently far more enjoyable to mess around with. After all, who is going to grumble about massive fleet carriers and chunky five-player tanks?

While the most recent update, The Shattered Warpgate, does not bring with it another gigantic vehicle, it more than compensates for that with the sheer amount of content. First and foremost, The Shattered Warpgate has added a story-focused campaign that will have your undertake unique, lore-driven missions while battling it out with your fellow players.

The mission system will not only be used for storytelling, however, but also for daily quests and various challenges that can be completed for in-game rewards. The missions will cover all sorts of playstyles and come in different flavors based on difficulty and potential time investment. So regardless of how much time and effort you're willing to put in, you should be able to find something to occupy your time.

When it comes to the actual content, the biggest change is the rework of the Esamir map. A cataclysmic event has shattered the Northeastern Warpgate, drastically altering the landscape and causing unnatural storms to form all around it. These storms will occasionally start roaming across the map and presenting a major hazard for anyone foolish enough to be outside when they hit, especially if that also includes sitting in an entirely metal airplane!

Rather than babble on, you can find out what all of this looks like in-game through the recently posted trailer. Have a peek:

If you're interested in learning more about the update, as well as check out the fine details behind each change, you can find the full patch notes over at the official website. On the other hand, if you just want to dive in and see how much Planetside 2 has changed, you should hop on over to Steam. Have fun!