Planetside 2 screenshot of the playable robots - Nanite Systems Operatives

[Update]: The developers haven't spoken much about the Nanite Systems Operatives just yet, but they are currently working on a brand new PlanetSide game - PlanetSide Arena.

Like with any game that involves multiple factions fighting over large stretches of land, Planetside 2's biggest problems occur when one faction pulls so far ahead that people simply stop playing the other two. In order to counteract this issue, as well as give players a chance to spice up their gameplay, Planetside 2 devs will soon be introducing Nanite Systems Operatives - playable robotic mercenaries that will be sent to aid the weakest faction in battle.

They're still a work in progress, but if you're interested in what exactly these new robotic mercs have to offer, as well as what their limitations will be, you should check out the recent developer update. Have a gander:

Since adding what is essentially a fourth faction is a bit of a tricky process, the Nanite Systems robots will be spending a bit of time on the PTR in order to iron out any issues they might have. So if you would like to give the developers a hand, as well as try out the new characters before the general public, you should head on over to the official forums in order to learn more. 

Once this update leaves the PTR I'll make sure to let you know, but until then I hope you have fun blasting away at your former friends with some pretty darn nifty robots!