PlanetSide Arena official artwork and logo

[Update]: PlanetSide Arena will be closing down its servers on January 10, 2020.

PlanetSide Arena was originally supposed to arrive in late January, but just a couple of days before launch Daybreak announced that they are pushing the release date back to March. And now, after a couple of weeks of closed beta testing, Daybreak has once again decided to delay PlanetSide Arena, this time around until summer when it'll launch alongside the PS4 version.

While Daybreak has not given an exact reason for the delay, I think it's safe to say that the massive success of Apex Legends has caused them to reconsider some things. Whatever the case may be, I can only hope that once PlanetSide Arena finally arrives, it will do so in exactly the same way as Apex Legends - fully polished and ready to dazzle the world!

The final thing worth mentioning is that Daybreak has also announced that they will be refunding all pre-orders. They will likely become available again once the next release date materializes, but until then you'll have a couple of beta tests to see what exactly PlanetSide Arena has to offer, as well as if it's your type of game.

You can learn more about PlanetSide Arena, as well as follow its development moving forward, over at the official website. And just for good measure, I'll leave you with one of the trailers. Enjoy!