Planet Coaster's newly added ride

Ever since Planet Coaster launched the developers have been incredibly consistent in regards to content updates. There was a Winter Update in December, a Spring Update in April, and as you might expect from the title alone, this June we will be getting the much-anticipated Summer Update!

The rather plainly named Summer Update will bring with it fireworks, new types of scenery, a bunch of new rides and rollercoasters, new scenarios, as well as a variety of fixes and changes. Since this is a theme park we're talking about, allow me show you what all of this looks like in-game via the recently posted teaser trailer. Have a look:

The Summer Update will be arriving on June 27th, and like all of the updates that came before, it will completely free for all players. There is currently very little information available, especially when it comes to the bug fixes and 'balance' changes, but if you would like to keep an eye on Planet Coaster's development I would suggest heading over to the official website. And finally, if you don't own Planet Coaster you might want to check out the currently ongoing Steam sale as you can grab it at a 33% discount. Have fun!