Planet Coaster's Winter Update screenshot showcasing a snow-covered village

Planet Coaster released a short while ago, and even though you would expect the devs to now take a bit of a break and celebrate their success, it appears they are doing anything but. They released a sizable patch back in November to address numerous performance and gameplay concerns, and a mere month later they're back with a free update entirely themed around the holiday season!

The rather boringly named Winter Update brings with it the Arctic as a new location alongside customized rides, a ridiculous amount of festive props to decorate your winter wonderland, a variety of new blueprints, as well as a rather lengthy list of balance and performance fixes. If you're interested in seeing what all of this looks like in-game, here's the recently posted preview trailer:

As for the patch notes, they are a bit too large and spread out for me to simply summarize, so if you're looking to get all of the details head on over to the official forums. But if you're just interested in the short version and don't care about the specifics, its basically stuff you've seen in the video above, as well as a variety of bug fixes and quality of life changes.

If you would like to learn more about Planet Coaster, or just check out some gameplay videos/screenshots that aren't covered in snow, head on over to Steam.