Monster Hunter: World - Iceborne artwork showing an ice dragon

[Update]: The first of these updates has arrived, bringing with it the Resident Evil 2 cross-over event and Rajang to the PC version.

After quite a long wait since the release of the consoles versions, Monster Hunter: World - Iceborne finally arrived onto PC a little while ago. Besides some unfortunate technical problems, the PC version also ended up with a noticeably lower amount of content than its counterparts, all because of the updates that were released post-launch.

Thankfully, it seems that we won't be getting a repeat of the Monster Hunter: World scenario where the PC version was permanently behind on both features and monsters. According to the newly released roadmap, the PC and console versions will be achieving parity this April!

As for the actual details, you can expect to see the currently ongoing Grand Appreciation Fest to continue until February 13th. There will also be a major update on February 6th that will bring with it Rajang and the Guiding Lands volcanic region, as well as a couple of limited time events to mess around with.

Afterwards, the March 12th update will bring Stygian Ziinogre and Safi'jiiva for us to face off against, as well as the Guiding Lands tundra region to explore. The previously mentioned April update will add new arch-tempered and master rank versions of existing monsters, while on the slightly more gentle side of things there will also be the Astera/Seliana festival. When it comes to the May update, the details are currently shrouded in mystery, but it looks like the main feature will be the return of a fan-favorite monster.

That's as far as the current roadmap goes, but according to the brief announcement, you can expect to see even more monsters and updates in the future as well. Once more information becomes available I'll make sure to let you know, but until then you can check out the roadmap by hopping over to Twitter.