Monster Hunter: World's Iceborne expansion screenshot of an ice dragon

[Update]: According to the newly revealed roadmap, the PC version of Monster Hunter: World - Iceborne will achieve parity with consoles in April, 2020!

Much like the original Monster Hunter: World, the PC version of the Iceborne expansion was delayed a couple of months in order to give the developers enough time to polish things up. However, now that Monster Hunter World - Iceborne has finally released onto PC, it would appear that it's also facing a similar set of problems as its predecessor.

Most notably, the performance is all over the place with certain PCs having nearly unplayable framerate drops and others having a completely smooth experience. Similarly, there are reports of the Iceborne expansion deleting save files or refusing to launch entirely, but once again it's not something that affects everyone in the same way. So much like the original Monster Hunter: World, it seems a couple of patches will be necessary before things really get on track.

On the positive side, the actual content in Iceborne is just as solid as you might expect. There's plenty of new monsters to hunt down and chop into weapon-sized pieces, a variety of locations to explore, a ton of new armor to play dress-up with, and most importantly of all, delicious food that is totally not riddled with cat hair! 

So once Capcom fixes some of the major issues I'll make sure to let you know, but until then I'll leave you with a brief trailer highlighting just what Iceborne has to offer. Enjoy!