Payday 2's update 100 is coming Thursday

[Update]: It took a while for us to get here, but Payday 3 will be launching in 2023 for PC and consoles!

Payday 2 developers caused a massive uproar within the community when they decided to not only implement microtransactions despite promising not to, but implement them in such a way that almost no one walked away happy. The issue was somewhat resolved over the coming weeks, but the community's undying trust in Overkill was all but lost despite taking years to build up.

Things have taken a massive upturn today, however, as Overkill's parent company Starbreeze Studios just announced that they have acquired the full rights to the Payday franchise from its publisher 505 games, and that as their first official move they are completely abolishing all traces of microtransactions. No more damnable drills!

Along with this announcement came a Youtube video from Payday 2's producer Amir Listo during which he discussed Payday's history, its current state, and what awaits in the future:


If you're just interested in Payday 2's future I'd recommend skipping over to 3:45 in the video to witness the gang talk about their newest member, some sort of a biker. To find out who he is and what exactly Dallas has in store to secure his loyalty you'll only have to wait until this Thursday as Update 100 is set to come online at that point.

To end all of this with even more positive news, Overkill have announced that they will continue supporting Payday 2 for at least another 18 months, which to me sounds like a whole boatload of new maps to mess around in.