Path of Exile Siege of the Atlas expansion artwork for one of the bosses

[Update #2]: Path of Exile's Update 3.20 is making rare monsters more rewarding, easier to understand and less hectic to fight.

[Update]: Path of Exile's August 2022 update "Lake of Kalandra" will allow you to create and explore your own dungeons.

If you're looking for an excuse to dive back into Path of Exile, the freshly released Siege of the Atlas expansion is a pretty good one. It has not only brought with it new endgame bosses and an assortment of fancy items to collect, but also a gigantic Atlas-wide Passive Tree with over 600 skills, a brand new Challenge League to explore, as well as a reworked Atlas mapping system.

Basically, under the new system there are no more regions in the Atlas, which means that your specialization now affects every map you run. Similarly, instead of having to collect a bunch of Watchstones to upgrade your maps, you now only need to get four Voidstones to raise the tier of all maps on your Atlas. So while it's still quite an ordeal, things should at least be a lot easier to understand from now on.

As for what exactly all of this looks like in action, as well as what the new storyline is all about, that you can find out through the recent reveal trailer. Have a peek:

Unsurprisingly, the Siege of the Atlas expansion has also brought with it a gigantic list of balance changes and general tweaks. There's far too many to even attempt to summarize, so if you're interested in the details you can find what you seek over at the patch notes.

To learn more about the Siege of the Atlas expansion itself, however, you should hop to the Path of Exile website. Have fun, so far it's looking like a pretty good one!