Path of Exile expansion artwork for the Lake of Kalandra update

[Update]: The Lake of Kalandra expansion has now arrived, though unfortunately alongside some sizable nerfs to loot quantity.

In order to keep everyone entertained while work on Path of Exile 2 continues, Grinding Gear Games have now announced their big August 2022 update - Lake of Kalandra. As the name might imply, the Lake of Kalandra update is going to be all about mirrors and reflections. More specifically, by finding Mirrored Tablets throughout the world you'll be able to create and customize your very own dungeon by placing reflections of dangerous encounters at specific locations.

The further away the encounter is from the dungeon's entrance, the greater its difficulty and reward will be. As you progress through the league you'll also unlock special abilities to skip, reroll and exile the choices you're offered, so by the end you will have the ability to create an incredible (and incredibly deadly) dungeon for yourself to explore.

Once it arrives this August 19th, the Lake of Kalandra update will also bring with it Atlas Memories which offer a way to explore endgame content without having to specialize your Atlas Tree for it. Once found, these rare items will give you the ability to relive the events relating to Alva, Niko, Einhar or Kirac through a sequence of maps, each one ramping up the challenge and the potential rewards.

There's also going to be an assortment of new unique gear to collect, as well as four new gems to play around with. Three of these are all about zapping your opponents with lightning, while the fourth is a support orientated curse that can give you extra flask charges on top of other benefits.

You can read more about these gems, as well as the Lake of Kalandra update, over at the Path of Exile website. Enjoy, and I'll leave you with the brief trailer: