Overwatch screenshot of Sigma's newly added Winter skin

[Update #2:] Blizzard has now released another balance update aimed at reducing the power of defensive compositions and promoting more variety among DPS and support heroes.

[Update]: As is tradition, Blizzard is giving away 5 Winter Wonderland loot boxes as a small gift for the holidays.

If you're sick and tired of shooting into shields, today's your lucky day as Overwatch has just received a massive balance update. Shields have been nerfed across the board so you'll no longer be able to hold a position and simply sit there, but in order to compensate for this nerf the tanks have also received some nice survivability buffs to help promote more aggressive playstyles.

You can read the full patch notes over at the official website, and I would highly recommend you do so as these changes will certainly have a massive impact on your games. What exactly the meta will look like once things finally stabilize, only time will tell, but so far I've seen just about every single composition run with good success. A rather lovely Christmas gift from the Overwatch team!

Speaking of which, this update has also brought with it the Winter Wonderland event. As expected, there aren't any major additions this time around either, but you'll be glad to hear that Mei's snowball fight has been significantly improved. It's now a free-for-all game mode so you won't spend most of your playtime watching others run around, and more importantly, you can now catch snowballs mid air in order to use them against your enemies. Needless to say, the new snowball fight is a pretty fun game mode and one I'm actually going to play more than once.

As for the new skins, I'm glad to say that Blizzard has continued the recent trend of quality over quantity. As such, both the skins you can receive through the weekly challenges and the ones you can grab from loot boxes are quite nice to look at... or not as is the case with Soldier 76's ugly sweater skin!

Have fun with the Winter Wonderland event, and I'll leave you with a brief trailer highlighting the new cosmetics.