Overwatch close up screenshot of Tracer

[Update]: All 11 of the upcoming Anniversary skins have now been leaked. You can check them out over here.

Overwatch's second Anniversary update is set to arrive this May 22nd, bringing with it a whole host of new cosmetics, as well as all of the previous seasonal brawls and items. We're talking about an absolutely massive amount of content, so if you ever wanted to give Overwatch a try, this new update would be a pretty darn good time to do so!

As such, I am more than happy to announce that Overwatch will be having a free weekend on both PC and consoles from 11:00 PT (20:00 CET) on May 25th until May 28th. In terms of content, you will have access to absolutely everything Overwatch has to offer: all of the heroes, all of the maps, all of the seasonal events, and naturally, all of the cosmetic items. Naturally, should you eventually decide to purchase Overwatch, your progress and cosmetics will carry over to the full version.

If you're wondering whether Overwatch is even worth your time and effort, however, I would say the answer is a definite yes. While Overwatch has a number of problems, most of it related to the matchmaking and balance, it is still a game that I've been playing fairly consistently for around two years now. There really is just something special about Overwatch, so I would fully recommend you give it a try, just on the off chance you might discover that something as well!

Have fun, and if you need a bit more information you should visit the official website.