Overwatch official artwork for the hero Sigma

[Update]: Overwatch's newest main tank Sigma has now arrived alongside the long-awaited Role Queue!

After being rumored and teased for quite a few months, Overwatch's Role Queue has landed onto the test servers a little while ago. It won't be staying there for much longer, however, as Blizzard has already announced that Role Queue (and most likely the new hero Sigma) will be coming to the live servers next week!

To be specific, Role Queue will be available on August 13th as a part of a short beta season, while the full implementation will be coming on September 1st. That said, the short beta season is expected to be pretty much the same as the real deal, so if you're like me and you're longing for a little bit of consistency in your games, it will be well worth checking out.

If you're wondering just how the new Role Queue system will work, the answer is thankfully quite simple. Each of your roles (tank/support/DPS) will have a unique matchmaking rating, so no matter what you feel like playing, you will always end up with people that are around your skill level. And yes, this does mean that each role will get its own rewards at the end of the season, though obviously they'll be a bit smaller than the current ones.

Similarly, flexing between the roles under the new system is as easy as selecting which roles you want to queue as. You can select as many or as few as you want, all depending on what sort of mood you're into. There will also be loot box rewards for those that choose to queue as the least popular roles (most likely tanks or healers), though these will appear and disappear based on necessity. It's not much, but it's still a nice little treat for those that like to flex!

You can read a few more tidbits about Role Queue, as well as Blizzard's plans for the system, over at the official website. Have fun with the last days of the current ranked mode!