Overwatch will not launch with a PvE mode, to be balanced separately for PC and consoles

Its amazing how the Internet works sometimes. All these big publications and magazines got their hands on Overwatch and its developers, yet its a single Youtuber by the name of Th3Jez that has managed to gleam the most interesting bits of information about Overwatch's future.

In a 20 minute interview with Jeff Kaplan, Overwatch's Director, they cowered topics ranging from PC/console balance, to PVE modes, Weekly Brawl support, competitive matchmaking, and most importantly, where the beard had disappeared to? Here's the 20 minute long interview and a short summary of the important topics:


Will PC & consoles be balanced separately?

The balance in Overwatch will be handled almost completely separately for PC and consoles as the development team doesn't want to do changes that will impact the enjoyment on other platforms. This will allow Overwatch to be as fast paced as possible on the PC while still being fully controllable and fun with a gamepad. Naturally, the balance between Xbox One and PS4 versions will not differ.

Will there be PvE content?

While the Overwatch team is a big fan of COD's Zombies and TF2's Mann VS Machine game modes there are currently no plans to introduce PvE to Overwatch. They would love to, but the effort involved would be akin to making an entirely new game, so don't expect to see PvE in Overwatch's near future.

Will Overwatch accept community skins and content like CS:GO/Team Fortress 2?

The team fully supports the idea, but the tools they have in place are so rough and basic that they don't think its going to be possible for the time being. The best answer you're going to get for this question is "hopefully in the future".

Will there be a ranked/competitive mode?

There is currently a ranked mode in development that's being modeled around similar modes in other Blizzard games, but its currently in a state of flux with many changes being added and removed weekly so Kaplan didn't feel like discussing the topic just yet. Either way, ranked mode is a guarantee.

Will there be Weekly Brawl rewards / more interesting Brawls in the future? [Here's a datamined list of all 14 currently available Weekly Brawls]

The Weekly Brawls are currently in a heavily experimental phase, but yes, there will be rewards. The current idea is to offer a massive experience bonus on your first Brawl win in order to incentivize people to try it at least once, with potentially more interesting rewards to come in the future.

As for the Brawls themselves, their current setup doesn't allow them to put in elements as complex as those found in Hearthstone Brawls, but the dev team is working on a whole bunch of new features that will be appearing over the coming months.

Overwatch DVA piloting her signature mech

And there you have it, the "most important" information from the interview. Once again, I recommend you give the whole thing a listen as its much more interesting and engaging to hear Kaplan himself go over these topics, and a whole bunch of others I haven't cowered.

If you're up for trying Overwatch yourself, the open beta will begin on May 5th and last until May 9th, with a few extra days being granted to those that pre-order.