Overwatch's 14 weekly brawls have been leaked through datamining

The most recent Overwatch beta patch brought with it a new map, match highlights, achievements, and most interestingly, weekly brawls modeled after those found in Hearthstone.

Blizzard only mentioned a couple of examples in their announcement, those being "play only as support heroes" and "everyone must play as Soldier 76", but the crafty dataminers over at Overpwn have managed to find all of the 14 currently available brawl permutations. Here's what they are:

• Super Shimada Bros. - Welcome to Hanamura. Genji and Hanzo only. Faster abilities, slower ultimates.

• Mystery Heroes - On death you will respawn as a randomly selected hero.

• Justice Rains From Above! - Pharah and Mercy take to the skies.

• Arcade - More health! Faster ability and ultimate cooldowns! Faster respawn!

• We're All Soldiers Now - Soldier: 76 takes command of the Control Maps.

• High Noon - It's high noon on Route 66. Headhots with McCree only.

• Show Your Support - All support heroes. Limited to 2 of the same per team.

• Tanks A Lot - All tank heroes. Limited to 2 of the same per team.

• Overly Defensive - All defense heroes. Limited to 2 of the same per team.

• Highly Offensive - All offense heroes. Limited to 2 of the same per team.

• Head's Up! - McCree, Genji, Hanzo and Widowmaker. Headshots only.

• The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - McCree, Reaper and Roadhog duke it out.

• MOBA-watch - Unique heroes per team. No hero switching allowed.

• Girl Power - Female heroes only. Sorry boys.

If you're thinking that these weekly brawls are all rather plain compared to the current Hearthstone ones, you would be absolutely correct as Blizzard has intentionally implemented a simple rule set in order to gauge community interested in the brawls as a whole. Its also why they currently rotate every couple of days, rather than weekly as their name would imply.

For more datamined information, specifically about achievements and skins, I'd recommend you head over to this Overpwn post as it contains a list of some rather nifty looking skin previews, with my favorite being the one you see below.

And if you're looking to try out Overwatch for yourself, but haven't invested the necessary skill points in to luck, the open beta will start on May 5th and last till May 9th, with an extra few days given to those that pre-order.

Overwatch DI-VA yellow character skin