Overwatch Uprising comic screenshot showing Genji and Tracer fighting

A few days ago Blizzard released a teaser for a big event coming on April 11th. The announcement didn't bring with it any details, but just from the image alone it was obvious that there is some sort of Omnic-related crisis happening in London, or rather on the King's Row map.

If you need some further proof look no further than the newly released and surprisngly well animated Uprising comic. It not only tells the story of Tracer's very first mission and the massive crisis in London, but it also gives some much needed characterization to the oldschool Overwatch cast. So if you have even a glimmer of interest in Overwatch and its lore I would fully recommend you give the comic a read. Oh, and if you have any issues with the animated version you can find the regular one here.

Blizzard released a similar comic a few days before the Year of the Rooster event, and as you're probably aware most of the costumes from the comic ended up as in-game skins. In other words, I think we're going to be getting oldschool Overwatch uniforms for the original members, and quite possibly the most badass Genji skin out there... though I do have to wonder what it is with the Shimada brothers and exposed nipples.

Genji vs Tracer screenshot from the Uprising comic in Overwatch