The April 11th teaser for Overwatch

A mere two weeks have passed since Orisa arrived to Overwatch, and already the developers are cooking up some sort of new event. The details are still a bit shaky, but according to the official Twitter account there is going to be something big happening on April 11th, and it appears to be related to skins!

And before you ask, no, this will not be an Easter themed event. Blizzard has stated numerous times now that they won't be covering every major holiday, and they specifically pointed towards Valentine's Day and Easter as the ones they will be skipping for sure. What's more interesting than that, however, is the reason why. Instead of doing silly skins related to real-life holiday, their plan this year is to introduce numerous lore-based events with their own themed skins. So could April 11th be one such event?

If you ask me, the answer is most likely yes. But if April 11th is going to be a lore-based event, what's it going to be about, and what are the skins going to look like? While I can't answer this for certain, I do believe there will be a variety of 'oldschool Overwatch' skins, as you'll notice with the rotating Tracer image in the Twitter video. As for what exactly it will be about, I honestly don't know, but what I can tell you is that it will take place on King's Row. The reason I say this is because the current (Lucio buff) PTR patch has brought with it a variety of minor lighting improvements for King's Row, the video mentions it specifically, and its the most Omnic orientated map we have in the game given that it features an entire Omnic city below the final point.

I would love to tell you something more concrete than pure speculation, but I'm afraid that we're going to be left in the dark until April 11th finally rolls around. On the positive side, whether I'm right or wrong we'll still be getting some sort of significant update in the near future, and that's all that really matters!