Overwatch's Horizon Lunar Colony map screenshot

[Update 2]: The Horizon Lunar Colony map and its accompanying balance changes have now arrived to the live servers. The Roadhog nerfs have not been reverted.

[Update 1]: Turns out Horizon Lunar Colony will be a part of the competitive rotation from the moment it releases. I'd highly recommend avoiding competitive play for a few days after it arrives as its going to be an absolute mess. Its a real shame that after a year of Overwatch Blizzard is still making these basic mistakes.

When Blizzard first introduced Eichenwalde things didn't go exactly as planned, and that is putting it lightly. Not only did the map have some unfortunate bugs, but it was also completely new to the vast majority of the competitive playerbase. In other words, every time Eichenwalde would pop up in the competitive queue you would have 12 players running around like headless chickens, desperately trying to figure out a map they've only just seen for the first time.

Thankfully, this sort of madness will not be the case for the upcoming Horizon Lunar Colony. As announced by Overwatch's Bill Warnecke, the Horizon Lunar Colony map will remain locked away from Competitive Play for a week. This, combined with its appearance as a brand new Arcade 'game mode', should be enough to get everyone on the same page before Competitive Play gets launched to the Moon.

Besides the new map there will also be a couple of interesting balance changes coming with today's update. McCree and Reaper are getting some much needed buffs, while Roadhog is getting quite possibly the biggest nerf Overwatch has seen so far. If you're interested in the preliminary patch notes you will find them in one of my previous articles.