Overwatch's Mei freezing an enemy Roadhog

Blizzcon 2016 has so far been absolutely amazing for us Overwatch players. Sombra has finally received her big reveal alongside a cinematic short, Quick Play will be getting hero limits in order to make it less ridiculous, Genji is receiving an awesome new skin as a part of the upcoming Heroes of the Storm promotion, and apparently we're even getting an overhauled Weekly Brawl system!

The details are currently a bit scarce given that this is only day 1 of Blizzcon, but this new Arcade Mode is going to feature unique rule sets that are exclusive to the mode, and not just normal gameplay with a couple of numbers pumped up. Given their similarity I think its safe to assume that the Arcade Mode will be completely replacing the Weekly Brawl, but I wouldn't waste any time mourning its loss since that the Arcade Mode will give you not one, but three free Loot Boxes each week!

In order to prove that this new Arcade Mode is more than a simple throwaway idea Blizzard has also announced that it will feature exclusive maps, starting with the newly announced Eco Point Antarctica. It will be a Control Point (King of the Hill) map themed around Mei and her now-abandoned research station, though unfortunately that's as far as the concrete information goes. If you're willing to delve into rumor territory with me, however, you might be interested to hear that the new Arcade Mode is going to feature 1v1, 3v3, as well as various other non-standard team sizes. This, combined with the simple fact that Eco Point Antarctica will not appear in the 'normal' Overwatch game modes leads me to believe its going to be experimenting with team sizes, and perhaps even mechanics! 

Echo Point Antarctica map overview

As you might expect, its pretty damn cold out there!

Whether I'm correct or not, we'll find out soon enough as the Arcade Mode and its complementary Eco Point Antartica map will be arriving to the PTR (Public Test Realm) at some point next week. Given Blizzard's previous schedule I would expect to see it on November 8, though this is pure speculation on my part so take that with a grain of salt. Either way, I'm excited to see more unique brawls in Overwatch as the most recent Halloween one was pretty damn awesome!

And as a final little treat, here's a bunch of recently posted screenshots:

Overwatch Echo Point Antarctica screenshot showcasing a snow vehicle and buildings

Echo Point Antarctica freezing/cryo chambers

Overwatch Echo Point Antarctica outside of the complex screenshot

Echo Point Antarctica Overwatch cryo tubes lining the walls