Overwatch Lifeguard Pharah cosmetic

[Update]: The Summer Games 2020 event is now live, and while it hasn't brought in a brand new game mode, it has greatly improved Lucioball!

While Blizzard used to tease upcoming events weeks in advance, these past few months they have taken the completely opposite approach. As such, it might come as a bit of a surprise to hear that the Overwatch Summer Games 2020 event has now not only been announced, but also set to release today!

Because of the short timeframe before release, the full list of new cosmetics is still unknown. However, the two Legendary skins Blizzard has revealed so far are absolutely gorgeous, especially the Lifeguard Pharah one! You can find the two brief teasers over at Twitter, and while they're sadly a bit low quality, they will give you a pretty good taste of what is to come.

If you're hoping for some sort of new event that will replace Lucioball, I'm afraid you're out of luck on this front as Blizzard has already stated there won't be any new events before Overwatch 2. On the positive side, it's highly likely we'll get another set of three challenges, each of which will reward a couple of fancy new cosmetics to collect. The most recent Maestro Sigma challenge had some amazing rewards, so I can only hope this new one will manage to be even better.

Once the full update goes live, likely in a couple of hours, I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, make sure to avoid collecting Arcade loot boxes or you'll miss out on the upcoming event ones!