Overwatch screenshot of the new Waveracer D.Va skin

[Update]: The Summer Games have now arrived alongside a rather hefty balance patch. You can learn more by heading over here.

August has now arrived alongside a massive heatwave, which in Overwatch terms means that the Summer Games 2018 event is just around the corner. To be more specific, the Summer Games will be coming this August 9th alongside numerous new cosmetics, Lucioball and a brand new stadium map set in Busan, South Korea.

The new stadium doesn't appear to be significantly different from the other Lucioball maps, but hopefully it'll have some interesting background elements to help flesh out D.Va's incredibly lacking lore. If you're curious about what the Busan map looks like, and you don't mind the fact that Blizzard is being incredibly coy with the reveal, you'll find a brief teaser over at Twitter.

As for the actual event, I think its fair to assume that all of the previous items will be returning at a discounted price, and that there will also be a whole bunch of fancy new cosmetics to collect, cosmetics such as the Waveracer D.Va you can see above. Those of you that love Lucioball will also be glad to hear that Competitive Lucioball is likely to make a return this year. That said, even if you don't care for the game mode I would still recommend you do your placement matches as seasonal competitive modes are an easy way of getting some 'valuable' Competitive Points.

Besides the event and the cosmetics surrounding it, I expect the Summer Games 2018 will be accompanied by the recently revealed changes to support heroes. You can find all of the details over here, but long story short: Mercy's healing will be getting reduced by 17%, Ana's ultimate will now heal her target, Brigitte's stun cooldown will be going slightly up, Lucio's ultimate will be more powerful and his auras will have more range, and Moira will be getting a small boost to the passive regeneration of her healing juice. Small changes in the grand scheme of things, but pretty exciting ones regardless!

Once more information surfaces I'll make sure to let you know, but until then enjoy the Competitive Mode as the imminent addition of Wrecking Ball is certainly going to shake things up.