Overwatch artwork showcasing Mauga, Nguyen and Baptiste

[Update #2]: Overwatch's newest main tank Sigma has now arrived alongside the long-awaited Role Queue!

[Update]: Overwatch's next hero has been revealed to be Sigma - a shield based main tank with quite an interesting set of abilities!

If you've been paying attention to Overwatch updates over the past few years, then chances are you've noticed that Blizzard tends to follow the exact same pattern each year. They might be off by a day or two, but new maps and heroes always come at certain dates. So if we go by that formula, we should already have a brand new teaser or two for the next hero.

However, Blizzard has not released any teasers so far, and according to the newly posted developer update, they will not be releasing any hero teasers for a little while longer. In other words, the new hero (now confirmed as a male character) has been delayed in order to give Blizzard enough time to get everything polished up and ready to go.

Overwatch screenshot of McCree and Echo

I do wonder when we'll get to see the previously teased Echo become an actual hero

Thankfully, it's not all bad news as Blizzard has also announced that the Summer Games event will be coming a lot sooner than expected. The exact content or changes coming with the Summer Games haven't been revealed just yet, but you might be glad to hear that there will be three mini-challenges running throughout the event, each one giving you the chance to earn a fancy new Epic skin.

There are also going to be two additional major announcements coming in the near future, though Blizzard has once again not commented on what exactly they might be. However, given the constant rumors and leaks surrounding a '2-2-2 lock' (the matchmaker will ensure there's two of each role on each team), I think it's safe to say one of the announcements will be for that. Hopefully the other one will be the long-awaited role-based rating system which will make it so you can flex onto different roles without ever really impacting your team in a negative way just because you're inexperienced.

The final thing worth mentioning is the new cheat detection system. Basically, if Overwatch detects that someone is cheating, it will immediately cancel the match and nobody will lose or gain any SR. As I discovered just last night, this system is already implemented and working pretty damn well given that it canceled the match within 30 seconds of us figuring out the enemy McCree was cheating. Now that is efficient!

Once Blizzard releases more details, or just reveals when the Summer Games event is coming, I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, you can learn a little bit more about Overwatch's future through the newest developer update down below. Enjoy!